Corporate Culture
  • HUANMEI Vision
    Creating an international brand and building a century-old enterprise.
    This is the development goal of HUANMEI apparel and also the driving force to promote the sustainable development of HUANMEI apparel.
  • HUANMEI's Core Values
    Integrity, pragmatism, responsibility and harmony are HUANMEI's core values. The characteristics of HUANMEI are that talents and career grow together, material and spirit advance together, and quality and brand are synchronized. HUANMEI Focuses on maximizing the value of six systems: shareholder value, employee rights, environment protection, social welfare, supply chain partnership, and consumer rights. The management style not only stable, but also has the courage to take the lead in the development, so as to achieve a win-win situation in terms of talent and career, as well as material and spirit.
  • HUANMEI's Business Philosophy
    HUANMEI's garment not only produce productions, but also people's yearning for a high-quality life. From an individual perspective, HUANMEI provides love and beauty for customers with high-quality products and services, thus creating a better life for customers and making their life more wonderful. From an overall perspective, the long-term value orientation of HUANMEI apparel is to serve the society, which is not only the responsibility of corporate citizens but also the focus of HUANMEI apparel.
  • HUANMEI Spirit
    The spirit of dedication regardless of personal gains and losses and the spirit of being unsatisfied with enterprise development are the most important spiritual cores of HUANMEI apparel, and also the precious wealth that an enterprise rely on to grow, which represents the tension of an enterprise. Generosity and cooperation represent the introspective spirit of HUANMEI’s culture. HUANMEI adopted the "mutual aid" approach to its employees, creating and building a platform-oriented, amiable and equal-opportunity enterprise.
  • HUAMEI Purpose
    Make consumer satisfied, make cooperator developed We always adhere to the enterprise purpose of symbiosis and co-prosperity with partners.
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